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k Talk Out Post XT
Wireless Callbox

 Instant Communications Anywhere!

Affordable add-on to any radio system!

The VHF/UHF Conventional Quick Talk OutPost features:

  • Stainless steel faceplate with
    vandal-resistant screws
  • Stainless steel sealed vandal-resistant push-to-talk button
  • 1 channel
  • 1 Watt transmitter
  • 1 mile range with included antenna
    -greater range with optional antenna
  • Can be used with a repeater system
  • Simple push-to-talk operation
  • Battery powered
  • 7,000 transmissions on a set of 6 D batteries
  • Low battery alert (TX only)
  • Optional External Power/Battery Back-up Kit
  • 1 year warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • VHF License Free or UHF also available!



All-in-One entry keypad and long-range 2-way wireless intercom with remote control capability. The entry keypad with built-in relay and the callbox are each wired separately to the controller device. Authorized users with pre-assigned entry codes can use the keypad to activate either the gate controller or magnetic door lock.

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-Vandal Resistant

-Stainless Steel Weather Resistant Design

-Programmable - Add, modify or delete user codes from entry pad

- Illuminated Keypad - Allows easy use of keypad at night

- Audible feedback on key presses

- 502 possible codes - 1 Temporary, 1 Master code

- Variable length codes - 3 to 8 digits

- 5 VDC or 1-24 VDC Input Voltage


Heavy Duty Tamper Resistant Housing!

XT Stands for Xtra Tough!

This is a Nema 3R enclosure, it will withstand virtually anything you can throw at it.
Snow, Rain, Wind, Bricks, Rocks, even Baseball Bats!

This is the recommended callbox for all outdoor usage.

Installation is very simple-dig a small hole and put in a cedar fence post or 4x4 Pressure Treated post.
Mount the callbox to the post using the attached directions, install the batteries and your going!

In the typical Food & Beverage system a callbox is placed on a 9th Tee or 18th Tee location, Client walks up to unit which is silk screened with directions, they push the button and the callbox sends a one time call tone to the base station and portable! It will stay powered up for 10 seconds then beep and shut down if no response is received. It will automatically power up again in transmit each time the button is pressed and restarts the "keep alive" circuitry built in.  The base station is typically located in the clubhouse, bartenders area, or kitchen prep area. We VERY strongly recommend you use a portable in the system also. If the person walks away from the base station they cannot hear the callbox calling, and a client could become disenchanted with trying to order lunch or drinks etc.
Many Golf courses also use these for bag drop notification. This eliminates having to pay an employee to stand there and perform this task, thereby also saving you money! Client walks up to the unit, pushes the button and an alert is sent to the base station setup in your pro shop etc. Employee then knows that client needs his bag picked up. Convenience for your clients, and money savings for you because the employee dedicated to that can now be used in other tasks.


Simply deploy the OutPost XT radios in any area where you need them most. It is also
ideal for buildings or facilities, schools, hospitals, hotels/motels, agribusiness,
manufacturing, warehousing, delivery or receiving docks, amusement parks, golf
courses, parking structures/lots, gates, or help box for any area where wireless
two-way communications is needed. Plus, there is no need for extensive wiring,
remodeling, or dedicated phone lines since the OutPost XT radio is completely wireless.


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For more than two decades, Ritron has been building JOBCOM radio
communications products in its modern manufacturing facility in Carmel,
Indiana. Ritron's JOBCOM products are put to the task daily in tough
jobsite environments. Built to rigorous standards for design,
manufacturing, and engineering, these products are your solution for
effective wireless radio communications.

The JOBCOM radio line stands out from the competition. Each radio is
loaded with user features and benefits. Ritron offers a complete line of
wireless communications products and systems; including Portable
Radios, Mobile Radios, Base Stations, Repeaters, Data Telemetry, and
Automatic Voice Alert Transmitters.

High standards of engineering and innovation are the reasons why Ritron
has been the leader in jobsite radios, and now providing you with more
solutions for all your wireless communications needs.

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