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Ritron J Series Jobcom Portable
Highest power Jobcom available for best range!
Very small size, lightweight and very durable!

  • 10 Channel Operation
  • 4 Watts Transmitter Power UHF, 5 Watts VHF
  • Switch-able low power setting to 2 watts
  • 8 character alphanumeric display!
  • BUILT IN inversion Voice Scrambling!
  • Selectable Built-In Voice operated transmitter (VOX)
  • Scan/Priority scan!
  • Caller/Group ID with selcall features!
  • Low battery alert
  • Easy to read display icons
  • IP-55 water and dust rated!
  • Mil-STD 810F for Shock and Vibration!
  • Programmable emergency call button!
  • 13 Hour Battery Life with rechargeable Li-ion battery!
  • Built-in Weather Scan (vhf only)
  • Quick Change Battery with 6 point latch
  • CTCSS/Quiet Call allows screening out of other users on channel
  • One Year Limited Parts/Labor Warranty
  • Ultra Compact
  • Audio Accessory Connector
  • Dual Unit Drop-in Charger INCLUDED!
  • Easily programmable-No Crystals!
  • Ideal for Business or GMRS-WHY? Because this radio will let you change your private line tones on the fly for receive and transmit-important for using your radio with compatibility to other radios on the market!
  • This radio is repeater capable!
    Many "Business" Radios on the market are not!
  • This radio will accept an outside antenna with an optional adaptor-use your portable in your car with further range using our accessory antennas.
  • Optional 2 year warranty!
  • Radio can be custom programmed for frequencies and private tones!

The list of features in the Jobcom J series radio goes on and on!


Package includes everything you need to get started-Battery, Belt Clip, Antenna, Drop-in dual charger, Instruction Manual.

In Stock for immediate shipping!

Order J Series Jobcom Radios Online Here!

The Jobcom series of Low-Cost Two Way Radios give you the ability to communicate with co-workers up to 3 miles away.
Save wasted man-hours by eliminating the need to shout or run messages back and forth across a job site.
Respond to customer requests instantly. Enhance workplace security.
Stay in constant touch with co-workers; no more idle time waiting for a return phone call.

JOBCOM two-way radios can increase productivity in a variety of different industries:

Electricians / Contractors and Construction / Property Management and Building Maintenance

Schools /Retail Operations / Manufacturing / Lodging

Warehouse Operations / Sound and Security / Nursery and Landscaping

Recycling Yards / Much More!


Two Way Radios don't Cost..... They Pay!

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